Our Mission: To provide emergency medical care and prevention education and services to the residents of Weston in a compassionate and professional manner, free of charge.

Cadillac Ambulance

Brief History

Imagine Weston in the early 60's before the Weston EMS was founded. If you had a medical emergency, you had to wait up to an hour for a nearby ambulance to come to your aid. At a town meeting in 1962 it was agreed Weston needed its own ambulance service. A small group of Weston firefighters with Red Cross First Aid training formed the Weston Volunteer Emergency Ambulance Squad. Their first ambulance was a converted International Harvester Carry All. The first real Weston ambulance, a Cadillac, was purchased in 1967.


How We Operate

Today, we have two state of the art ambulances that carry equipment for medical emergencies from emergency childbirth to mass casualties. Our ambulances were purchased with the generous contributions of the citizens of Weston who recognized the importance of having medical care on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are not a Town Department and receive no funding from the Town for our operating expenses and capital requirements. We depend on contributions from our Annual Fund Drive to support our services, supplies, life-saving equipment, ambulances, and maintenance. Your Weston EMS is an all-volunteer Department except for the paramedic that we share with the Town of Wilton.

We never charge a fee for our services. We are one of only two such services in the State of Connecticut (the other being in New Canaan.)


Our Training

In 1997 Weston EMS was one of the first Departments in the state to complete the federally sanctioned National Curriculum Standard, certifying the members to the most advance training available. To become an EMT you must pass a state examination and be re-certified every three years. We also have monthly training meetings and drills to keep members trained in the latest medical technology.

Food Drive

Other Services

Weston EMS is proud to participate in many community service activities with the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts and the Weston Senior Center. We also assist the Weston schools with their training programs such as the Babysitter training course and CPR classes. We are also on site with an ambulance and crew at all football games, fairs and races held in Weston. We also provide numerous prevention education and service programs for the community.

Our Motto: Our motto is "Neighbors Helping Neighbors." Our job - which began in the 60s with that first ambulance - is still rapid transport to the nearest hospital. Through the generosity of the very townspeople who stand to benefit from our expertise, we now have some of the most advanced technology available. And the know-how to use it.